February 7, 2020


CAMP LUKBAN, Catbalogan City Joint teams from Samar PPO – PPDEU/Gandara MPS led by PCPT JOSELITO T TABADA, Samar PPO – PIB, 1st and 2nd SPMFC, under the direct supervision of PCOL ANDRE P DIZON, Acting Provincial Director, in coordination with PDEA8 conducted anti-illegal drugs operation (buy-bust) at about 4:30 PM of January 23, 2020 at Brgy. Minda, Gandara, Samar.

The suspect was identified as Jake JARO y Sultan @ Loyloy (SLT), of legal age, married, and resident of Brgy. Dumaloong, Gandara, Samar and previously surrendered to OplanTokhang.  

Confiscated/recovered from his possession and control were the following: 1)  Two (2) pieces heat sealed transparent plastic sachets containing white crystalline substance suspected to be “Shabu”; 2) One (1) plastic container of double mint containing four (4) heat sealed transparent plastic sachets containing crystalline substance suspected to be “Shabu”; 3) Two (2) pieces Five Hundred Peso Bill (Buy-bust money); 4) One (1) bundle money amounting to One Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Pesos (1,450.00) with different denomination; 5) Twenty Five (25) coins amounting to Ninety two pesos with different denomination; 6) One (1) piece Brown Wallet; 7) Thirteen (13) Pieces of One Thousand Peso Bill amounting to Thirteen Thousand Pesos; and 8) One (1) bundle of assorted identification card.

Inventory and marking of evidences were conducted at the place of operation and were witnessed by Brgy Chairman April Rose G. Cinco and Brgy. Kagawad Gerald Y. Ocong of Brgy. Dumaloong, Gandara, Samar and Ms. Meriam Timan, Media practitioner Net25 and Ms. Kristine Ane C. Pecayo, DOJ representative.

Subject apprehended person was brought to Gandara MPS and a case for violation of RA 9165 was being prepared for filing in court.

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